• weak是什么意思,它的反义词是什么
  • weak英[wi:k]美[wik]adj.柔弱的,虚弱的; 无力的,软弱的; 不中用的,愚钝的; 淡薄的比较级:weaker最高级:weakest 1The ensuing chaos would give the market an opportunity to hammer other weak eurozone countries like Spain and Portugal.随之而来的混乱可能会重击其他虚弱的欧元区国家,如西班牙和葡萄牙。 2And even stumbling speech may strength法龚瘁夹诓蝗搭伟但连en a weak tongue.即使是磕绊的话语也会强壮无力的舌头。


  • loudly,Sadly,up,WeaK的反义词
  • What is home Harbor side are warm, is a sterile tree loess, are a little soft fluorescence, is a loving umbrella, touch the horizon are the most beautiful clouds. . . . . . Sunset at home are tired of the birds fly for the rest of the place,when storms are weak pity for the fish to escape the place, wandering abroad are thinking Nights Dream date, there is a mothers gentle smile place. Here, mother姬讥灌客弑九鬼循邯末s love wandering adrift without a hitch in accordance with the heart, with the arms of his father for his sons and daughters up party flawless blue sky. Here, winds and storms never patronizing, never the advent of winter and the scorching sun, the wind here is only March, the spring in May. Here, even if you are already a white-haired, but at his mothers eyes, are you still a child, will never feel sad. . . . . . If we say that I am a tall incense camphor tree, then that is the root of the tree house, tree height also can not forget the root. If I were on that plate-like silver, then the bright fiery sun is home, because it gave me light. If I were a dust, then the broad expanse of the earth is home, here are my numerous brothers. If the homeland are home, then I would like to sing loudly in my homeland; if schools are at home, then I must use the most beautiful words to describe it, if. . . . . . Up at the examination room is home to the best confidence in my test; in the face of difficulties, are at home seemed to tell me not to lose heart……余下全文


  • weak的反义词是什么意思
  • sleep


  • 强壮的反义词英语
  • 强壮的反义词英语:虚弱,weak


  • strong的反义词是什么意思
  • new(新的)反义词是old(旧的)strong(强壮的)反义词是weak(柔弱的,软弱的)


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  • fast-slowup-downquiet-loudlast-firstfat-thinsoft-hardweak-strongwet-dry